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The Department of Foreign Languages (English) was established in 2003 (formerly: the Language Education Center, English Department). The largest role of the English department is to teach required English courses for all first- and second-year students at Okayama University.  The main goal of the program is to develop students’ practical and academic English proficiency. The mission statement is as follows:

As a research university, the overall objective of English education at Okayama University is to foster students’ ability to fulfill their academic, professional, and social needs. Along with improving students’ English proficiency, we aim to develop their critical and creative thinking skills; their ability to acquire information and in-depth knowledge applicable to their academic field and society; and their ability to express themselves effectively.

In addition to the required courses, ‘advanced’ courses are offered as electives for students who want to further refine their English proficiency. Full-time faculty also teach Graduate Courses and in the Special Program for Academic English (SPAcE), which is a part of the Global Human Resource Development Program (Global Jinzai).